Monday, February 28, 2011

web map

UPDATE: The above picture is not a real map of our web network, but rather meant to evoke the feeling of technological connection, synergy, and Jewish stars.

You may have noticed that our main website has been revamped! In addition we've expanded our web resources to include several new sites of which will serve as a hub. - community updates, answers to objections to Yeshua, ministry reports, testimonies. - special site with resources for congregation planters and leaders in Messianic congregations. - women's ministries, teachings, events (like the Sisterhood retreat), and ministry updates.
- a site for Sam's most recent book on the calling of God found in the Jewish Messiah for both Jews and Gentiles.
- our russian site, updated regularly with teachings.

Shmooze Blogger
will continue to feature interesting side-bars and experimental poetry (minus, perhaps, the experimental poetry).

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(special thanks to Natalia Fomin who spearheaded this entire upgrade!)