Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Buy it direct

The following is taken from a three-way email conversation had today.

Sam, where can I purchase a copy of your book THE FEASTS OF ISRAEL ? Mine was' borrwed' & never returned!! It was my most favorite book !! I'm heartbroken!! -Mark

Mark ... you can order it from the shopping cart at


the copy I had was all blue & just said THE FEASTS OF ISRAEL on it. I found one on Amazon (used) but they want $45.00 for it!! They said it was out of print.--Wendy


Rejoice! We've reprinted them and added to them under the name "Messiah in the Feasts of Israel" --and much less than Amazon!

Get them while they last! -Sam


YAY!!!!! Thanks so much for all your help!!!!


Yea, Yeshua!!!!

It's our privilege to serve you for His sake!

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