Monday, November 30, 2009

Tattoo miscellany

A church is (hilariously? experimentally? emergingly?) giving tattoos in its services.

In 2007, Hillel covered the issues for Jewish life presented an mixed take on it.

But the burning question is: when will this movie finally be finished? Was it in vain that over the years I've mentioned it a handful of times in passing (even name-dropping it without shame to tattooed friends, both Jew and non-Jew alike), all the while assumming there was something finished we could perhaps ... see? This is not me being pushy. I am interested.

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Meshichim on the move

Over at Yinonblog, Rabbi Joshua points out that Chabad Lubavitch Messianism toward the late Reb Shneerson is no passing fad.

(The video is indeed a curious find. though from Jan-Feb 2009, this doesn't detract from its relevance. The Rebbe passed June 12 1994.)

Rabbi Joshua:
Mashiach will definitely return. However, it seems there is certain disagreement within the Jewish world as to which one it will be.
Indeed, which one it will be, and also whether it will be, why it will be, how it will be, etc. etc. etc.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


On the main site we address the Biblical truth of God's Unique Unity. Recently Dr. William Lane Craig, noted philosopher of time and evangelical apologist, debated Rabbi Tovia Singer on the topic of whether God is Triune. Though there is much talking past each other, Rabbi Singer's basic argument was: why would HaShem punish us for not believing what wasn't explicitly believed for thousands of years before Messiah? Dr. Craig points out that this is simply misdirection, and answers that faith requires responding to the revelation given. And we might also add, faith was always to be in the promises of God, which are realized in the Jewish Messiah.

In part-two they discuss the divinity of Messiah in the New Covenant, and Jews who believe in you-know-who come up at 5:11.

Dr. Craig is sharp as always, though one might wish he had time to explore how the Hebrew texts do in fact hint at the plurality in God.

(A completely unnecessary point: why did they name the show Faith Under Fire? Its not like they get persecuted on camera every week! ;)